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Our books represent an effort to diversify the reading landscape and present readers with multicultural characters who have meaningful experiences. These characters have dreams and they achieve them! Our books are complemented with teacher lesson plan ideas and visual, as well as audio materials. Check out our books here.

Professional Development

We believe that professional development should incorporate meaningful strategies for teachers, help build effective practices, reflect the mission and vision of the school, and most importantly keep the students at the center. For more information, click here

Teacher Coaching & Support

We believe that 1-1 teacher feedback and support is essential to equipping a teacher. A prepared teacher is effective in the classroom and can help students achieve and reach their goals. 

Listen here as Lorena discusses culturally sustaining pedagogy work with its creator Dr. Django Paris. This offers insight into the teaching approach we believe in.

Speaking Engagements

We speak at conferences, present on panels, have been keynotes, and more. We enjoy engaging crowds, small and large, in dialogue around these important issues.

Watch Roberto perform his spoken word poem City of Promise! We bring passion and genuine energy to the work we do.


“As a third year English teacher serving a traditionally underserved population, I found Lorena’s advice to be precise, effective, and also, most importantly, genuine. With a rapidly changing demographic as well as the shifts in education, Lorena was able to advise me in both curriculum support and behavioral management. Before I launched my Oedipus Rex unit to my mostly ESL and ELL 10th grade class, I was struggling tremendously with scaffolding properly, especially for my low readers. Lorena eased that anxiety by providing me with detailed instructions and suggestions in to how to better scaffold and support those students with language barriers. As a teacher, I am constantly overwhelmed by the task of educating our youth and upholding high standards, and so I appreciate that Lorena shares that teaching experience but with insight, encouragement, and valuable guidance.” M. Gould, Massachusetts

“In just a few sessions, Roberto helped me understand where I was making mistakes in hiring and supervising my staff. He displayed a standard of professionalism and excellence that inspired me to keep upping my game as a leader. Roberto is an absolute pro when it comes to authentic leadership, especially leadership with an equity lens. I highly recommend him!” J. Lucas, Amala Foundation Former Executive Director

“Roberto often acted as a coach, cheerleader, and confidant, continuously encouraging me to develop as a better teacher. His influence as a leader has forever changed the way that I approach children, my work with my colleagues, and my views on education, generally speaking.” K. Kitchens, Austin, TX

“Lorena and Roberto Germán are one of the most dynamic speakers of the 21st century by weaving art, history, and culture into a call of action. Their keynote at the Montessori for Social Justice Conference was everything. I have only wanted to listen to one other keynote speaker and that was Bryan Stevenson. But once this dynamic and loving duo started, I was glued to my seat. Their powerful message urged each of us to find our joy as a means of resistance and radical healing.” Britt Hawthorne, Anti-Racist Anti-Bias Guide