Repeating History

Isn’t it obvious that we are both repeating history and making history in 2020?

While systemic oppression is real and racism is killing many of us, others don’t seem to want to see it and others can’t understand it. What we need to make sure of, though, is that students in our classrooms gain the literacy skills and racial literacy skills to be wise enough to see all of this in our society and when ready, take action.

Recently, Roberto recorded a verse for the song “Repeating History” by Kayla Nichols. The song is a call to action, a revisiting of U.S. history, and a critical analysis of systemic oppression. Not only is it a great listen, musically, but there is so much to unpack with students in a classroom. 

The video features Roberto along with other artists as well. James Parker and Jazmyn Parker both share time and space in the song in the form of a verse and a spoken word. Kayla sings throughout. Don’t miss out.

Watch the video here! 

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